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Making a difference by leading clients and practices forward

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Your Gateway to Korea with Haeon

Realizing your entrepreneurial vision in Korea starts with gaining a proper legal foothold. For foreign companies and individuals looking to establish operations and secure long-term residency in Korea, getting the right professional support is critical.

As a leading office specializing in international tax, accounting, and corporate services for the Korean market, we provide comprehensive solutions to streamline your entire market entry process - from business setup to visa procurement.

As a member of Haeon Legal Group, our international tax and accounting office works seamlessly together with affiliated legal arm to provide foreign clients truly comprehensive solutions for a seamless market entry into Korea's corporate world.

Our multi-disciplinary team of tax experts, accountants, and lawyers combines in-depth expertise to offer tailored strategies for each client's unique situation:

Corporate Setup in Korea

- Entity establishment and registration

- Tailored corporate tax planning & structuring

Visa & Residency Services

- Corporate investor visa applications

- Other residency visa categories

- Immigration document preparation and submissions

- Application follow-up and counseling

Tax Reporting & Accounting in Korea

Whether you are an individual investor, startup, or multinational corporation, setting up a compliant and tax-efficient presence in Korea requires careful planning across legal, tax, and accounting domains.

Haeon's international desk provides true end-to-end services, removing the barriers and burdens of navigating Korean regulations on your own. We work as one team to create a unified game plan for your corporate and personal situation.

Let our multi-disciplinary experts pave your compliant pathway to operating a thriving Korean business entity while securing proper residency status. No more fragmented efforts between tax, legal, visa, and accounting workstreams.

Begin your Korean market entry journey the right way by contacting Haeon's international desk today. We'll be your turnkey partner for establishing prosperous operations in Korea.